Femtonics focuses on the research and development of two-photon laser scanning microscopes for the booming area of (neuro)physiological investigations. Our microscopes are tuned for the fastest 2D and 3D optical measurements and are especially suited for cutting-edge brain research and pharmaceutical development. Their modular nature ensures that they can be easily adapted to suit other applications, including biophysical use.


For the past decade, the main aim of Femtonics has been to create and provide uniquely novel technologies shifting to higher paradigms in the fields of advanced 3D imaging. Femtonics prides itself on its ability and plans of providing the researchers all over the world a new concept of three dimensional imaging. The exploration in this field has been nothing less than an ordeal in itself, and our team with the witnessing of such great results and feedback is highly confident in the direction we tread on. Our objective is to raise the standards of imaging three dimensional structures and assist all our dedicated professionals in these complex researches.

We wish to bring on the market yet advanced and unexplored facets of this field at highly affordable prices to allow a global access for these technologies. We understand the high investments involved in these products and thus present our customers the flexibility and freedom to customize their own orders and products according to their vision and objective, hence shaping their idea into remarkable results. With the multidisciplinary team at Femtonics, we try to keep a close contact between the developer and the user.

Femtonics has kept the analytical requirements of the user as an extra priority while shaping this concept into high end products, and thus the software supporting the entire machine is highly focused on result analyzation and comparative studies. In this complex and exclusively sophisticated world of science, we bring you the real personalized touch to give you the individual research identity you look for, fitting your ideology and niche perfectly.


Femtonics located in Budapest, Hungary works in various collaborations with companies and research organizations worldwide. We believe in reaching out to the users worldwide through effective partnerships in research, co-development, sales, and distribution.