Researcher Biologist

We are looking for a motivated and experienced scientist for a collaborative project to develop novel two-photon imaging technology for studying blood vessel development and functions in cancer and vascular related diseases. In particular, the project will focus on the interaction between neuronal networks, pericytes, endothelial cells where we develop novel drugs to improve vessel functions. We study capillary blood vessel permeability, blood capillary flow.

The project involves the use of novel fast 3D microscopes which are capable of simultaneously measuring 3 brain regions. The fast optical measurements are combined with two-photon photo-activation techniques, electrophysiological measurements (patch-clamp, LFP), and neuroanatomy.

The position is for a fixed term, 2 years, and will be around 50-50% work in Budapest and in our partner institute in Leiden.

• University degree (medical education, biophysics, physics, biologist, or another relevant university degree in natural science)
• Advanced English skills
• Research experience
• High level of computer knowledge
• Good teamwork

• Academic degree (PhD) is an advantage,
• Animal experiment, imaging, electrophysiology, neuroanatomy experience
• Research experience, especially in the field of neuroscience
• International experience
• Programming skills (Matlab, C++)

We offer:
• High-tech, professional challenges
• Young, dynamic staff
• Working time: Full time
• Start date: September 2018
• Location: Leiden University Medical Center (Einthoven, Holland); and regularly travel for meetings/discussions to Femtonics Ltd. (Budapest, Hungary)

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If you interested in this opportunity, send your CV and motivation letter to the following e-mail address: rozsabal [at]