Technology Overview

This dinitro-indoline-masked form of glutamate releases the bioactive glutamate more rapidly than any other commercially available compound. It was developed for high-quantum yield requiring less irradiation for release, so its effective concentration is lower than other caging scaffolds. The caged compound exists as trifluoroacetic acid salted form (DNI-Glu*TFA) ensuring good solubility, stability and low hygroscopicity. DNI-Glu is a compound developed in-house, only available from Femtonics.


  • Photo stimulation with two-photon laser

  • High quantum-yield

  • Effective at low concentration

  • Seven-fold higher quantum yield than any other caged form

  • Stable and soluble

  • Primarily used for in vitro experiments


  • High excitatory postsynaptic potential and high Ca2+ transient as a response to the photo release

  • Less illumination is sufficient to elicit the same response as with alternative compounds

  • Elicits large transients or regenerative activity

  • Applicable for receptor mapping experiments