• Dual perfusion chamber kit

    for electrophysiology

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Technology Overview

The slice chamber is designed to maintain isolated, living tissues in healthy state during experiments. In contrast with the single perfusion, dual-superfusion of submerged slices increases the vitality of cells, since oxygen as well as other materials can freely and effectively diffuse with high flow rate from both sides into the thick slices.

Kit contains: unique dual perfusion • polycarbonate chamber • slice holder • bubble trap • dual-channel in-line solution heater • temperature controller • peristaltic pump


  • two-sides opened perfusion

  • usable slices with up to 800 µm thickness

  • continuous and smooth fluid flow

  • adjustable, stable temperature

  • fluid degassing and debubbling


  • increased oxygenation and vitality of cells

  • maintain acute, thick slice preparations

  • preserved physiological network oscillations during neurophysiological studies


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