Technology Overview

Gramophone is a single-dimension locomotion tracking device. It allows a head restrained mouse to run on the disk and to respond to visual or other stimuli. The speed and the direction of the running is registered by software-controlled manner. It can be used for high-accuracy velocity recording in conjunction with a two-photon microscope, or as a control interface for behavioural training in a virtual linear maze. The behavior response and the two-photon Ca2+ signals can be recorded simultaneously and aligned to each other.


  • 14400 counts/rotation angular resolution

  • up to 500 Hz sampling frequency

  • robust and durable construction

  • easily removable and cleanable running surface

  • easily adjustable head fixation for in vivo imaging and electrophysiology

  • programmable inputs and outputs 

  • open-source Python 3 software for recording locomotion and conditioning mice


  • flexible usability: mobile, compact system for behavioral trainings, locomotion measurements, microscopic imaging, electrophysiological studies, etc.

  • easily integratible to your own system

  • custom mazes and behavior rules can be designed easily

  • built-in image patterns

  • velocity and movement detection

  • the system can handle two monitors simultaneously, providing a corridor-like arrangement

  • stabilized head holder keeps the skull stable during movement


Femtonics Technology