• Green illumination

    for vessel pattern visualization

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Technology Overview

Green illumination from an LED light source allows high-contrast visualization of blood vessels, taking advantage of that the highly concentrated heme content of the red blood cells is excitable in the spectral region of 300-650 nm. Using green illumination helps to navigate on the surface of any organs under in vivo conditions and position a patch pipette for bulk loading or patch clamping.


  • excitation wavelength at 510-540 nm

  • ~100 µm penetration depth

  • 3 sec switching time between camera and two-photon modes

  • detection by CMOS camera

  • adjustable brightness, contrast and gamma parameters

  • software controlled operation

  • equipped on the objective arm

  • built-in PMT protection during operation


  • high-contrast visualization

  • precise overlap in XYZ between camera and two-photon recorded field of view

  • locate your chronic imaging spot within the craniotomy

Optional modules

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