The NOVOFER Foundation of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences annually presents its Dennis Gabor Award, for outstanding young scientists researching in the fields of physics and applied technology.


We were happy to meet Professor Sir Michael John Berridge at the booth of Femtonics at the 13rd International Meeting of the European Calcium Society! 

Sir Michael John Berridge is best known for his work on cellular transmembrane signalling, in particular the discovery that inositol trisphosphate acts as a second messenger, linking events at the plasma membrane with the release of Ca2+ within the cell.


Last Friday, January 30th, 2014, Példakép was honored to be able to compete in the annual “Az Év Példaképe” competition. The conference held in Budapest, Hungary was a national event that aimed to bring entrepreneurs together in an informative environment that fosters relationships and encourages knowledge sharing. While the competition was tough, at the end of the day we were crowned the winner!


The National Intellectual Property Office's 2011 Innovation prize went to Femtonics, for development of two-photon two- and three-dimensional microscope technology.