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Laboratory of 3D Functional Network and Dendritic Imaging

The Laboratory of 3D Functional Network and Dendritic Imaging is a multidisciplinary research team having laboratories at the IEM HAS Institute of Experimental Medicine of Hungarian Academy of Sciences - classified as a Center of Excellence by the European Commission and Pazmany Peter Catholic University (PPCU).


The Institute of Experimental Medicine is a member of the research institute network of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (HAS). The institute is dedicated exclusively to basic biomedical research in the field of neuroscience.This includes studies on neurotransmission, learning and memory, neuronal development, anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, aggressive behaviours, ischemic and epileptic brain damage, neurodegenerative disorders and the central and peripheral control of hormone secretion.

Pázmány Péter Catholic University

The Faculty is unique in Hungarian higher education in that our curriculum combines the study of The curriculum of the education at the Faculty of Information Technololgy has been elaborated by around thirty internationally recognized reseachers and professors under the leadership of Professor Tamás Roska, Member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. In the Faculty, which is unique in Hungary and even in Europe, IT engineers are trained, while at the same time a significant emphasis is laid on the education of sciences concerning the human organism, most importantly the neural and the immune system, as well genetics. This multidisciplinary approach is important, since a new industry is emerging on the boundary of information technology and biotechnology that gives rise to the apperarance of new products and services.


RK Tech Ltd. is a Hungarian trading and consulting company. It was established in the year of 1998. 100% privately owned organization. The company covers all of the Hungarian markets. Two main fields: Chemical part - In Hungary and Physical part - Hungary and surrounding countries

Széchenyi 2020

The European Union development programmes.

National Research, Development and Innovation Office

The National Research, Development and Innovation Office (NRDI Office) founded by the Act “about scientific research, development and innovation”accepted by the Hungarian Parliament (RDI law) with the aim to "create stable institutional framework for the governmental coordination of the national research, development and innovation ecosystem, provide predictable funding and implements an efficient and transparent use of available resources."

Supertech Instruments

Supertech Instruments works together, and based on Supertech International company group. Originally Supertech International was established in 1991 as a German - Hungarian joint venture. Designing and manufacturing of special electronic measuring equipments and computer-controlled data acquisition systems for medical and neurophysiological applications. In this field we have got many sophisticated reference systems.

Cellular Imaging Hungary

BioImagingHU is an organization of Hungarian scientists that develop, use, or administer imaging solutions for life sciences research.