3D volume scanning

Capturing the entire volume of the sample, we can get information about the three dimensional structure of the interested region including cells and their environment. Our scanners ensure the high resolution of the 2D imaging, and the following technical developments provide the fast stepping rate in z-direction:

Fast tunable liquid lens

  • focuses with nm precision
  • focusing range: 200 µm
  • focal plane switching time: 10 ms
  • transmission: 65% at 800 nm
  • aperture 10 mm


  • stable patch
  • fast settling time
  • no mechanical perturbation

Piezo objective positioner

  • positions objectives with nm resolution
  • travelling range up to 400 µm
  • resonant frequency up to 500 Hz
  • millisecond step-and-second


  • Any types of objectives can be attached
  • No influence to the optical path

A 3D volume (50 µm range) of mouse visual cortex, the green signal is derived from recombinant GCaMP6 protein. The 3 Hz volume scan was performed by Femto2D-Resonant.

To reach near real time imaging in a volume, our resonant microscope equipped with electric liquid lens or piezoelectric objective positioned is an excellent solution.