Custom LSM


The rapidly developing field of optical microscopy brought several breakthrough ideas, novel techniques in the arsenal of scientist such as STED, FLIM, FRET, TEFO, SHG, 3D imaging, holographic microscopy, two-photon uncaging, deep imaging, network imaging, shadow patching, two-photon targeted dendritic patch-clamping, Random Access Scanning.

The high number of the combination of current and future emerging imaging techniques asks for custom microscope design. Our multidisciplinary development team consisting of physicists, laser physicist, optical- mechanical- and electricalengineers, computer scientist, biologist and medical doctors being familiar with these novel techniques, patented many new solutions in the field of nonlinear scanning microscopy and ready to satisfy your specific needs in order to provide the best system for your high impact experiments. If you have an idea to build your special setup but you do not want to hire a whole engineering and manufacturing team you do not need to look for it further. We are highly interested in designing and building customized setups because it is a process during which we can learn and create.

The modular nature of our two-photon microscopes makes them a good foundation on which customized setups can be built. If you would like to have a new unique setup, do not hesitate to contact us.

Software is a key element to get more from your hardware or from your measurement data. Although we are proud of the flexibility and usability of our measurement control and analysis software, we are open to add new, specific features for you.