Epifluorescent unit allows illumination from above the objective using light in a broad spectrum from deep UV to red. High-intensity LEDs with defined spectra can be selected for the excitation and specific filters limit the transmission to narrow ranges of wavelengths. The emitted light is detected by high sensitivity CMOS camera.


  • homogenous illumination of the entire FOV
  • wavelength-specific excitation by powerful LED light sources built in external light source unit
  • LEDs for 5 customizable wavelengths (e.g. 430, 450, 480, 530, 590 nm, others on special request)
  • wavelength-specific excitation filters for excitation of narrow ranges (for GFP, YFP, RFP, mCherry, further filter sets on demand)
  • additional emission filters for blocking the reflected excitation light and filter the emission spectra
  • dichroic mirrors for separation of the excitation and the emitted lights
  • filters and dichroic mirrors are localized in motorized filter cubes of a 7 positions unit equipped below the objective
  • 2 positions of the unit are fixed for two-photon mode and unfiltered camera mode
  • detection by CMOS camera
  • simple, one-button control by MES/MESc software
  • installed into the external light path above the objective