Extend your existing microscope to 3D imaging. The Femto3D-AO ATLAS is a cost-effective solution which can easily be added to many existing microscopes.


Femto3D-AO ATLAS is an acousto-optic scanner based two-photon microscope extension which can be added to existing upright microscopes to open their imaging capability to fast (>30 kHz) 3D functional imaging. It contains two pairs of AO deflectors (AODs) which are responsible for the X, Y, and Z focusing providing the superior in vivo imaging parameters of the well-known Femto3D-AO microscope. The acousto-optic scanner does not contain any slowly moving mechanical components (e.g. scanning mirrors), positioning of the focal spot is stable, independent of the travelling distance and the scanning speed is extremely high. The integrated electric stabilization of the 3D scanner provides long-term stability in measurements without the need for maintenance.

Key features

  • Third generation acousto-optic scanner
  • Involves all features of Femto3D-AcoustoOptic
  • Wavelength tunable
  • Available for a variety of microscopes

Femto3D-AO ATLAS consists of

  • acousto-optic scan head
  • electronics
  • measurement control and analysis software

For more detailed information on optical, mechanical, electrical, software features and design, please info [at] femtonics.eu (contact us).