Fast focus tunable lens is a combination of a standard objective and a fast focusing lens. The lens utilizes electrically controlled shape-changing membrane allowing fast switching between focal planes. In combination with our 2D two-photon microscopes, it provides scanning with high temporal resolution in three-dimensional sample and near real time volume scanning can be performed.


  • focuses with nm precision
  • focal range (with 40x objective): 200 µm
  • focal plane switching time: 10 ms
  • transmission (using 40x objective): 90% @ 800 nm
  • aperture 10 mm
  • fast settling time
  • stable patch
  • no mechanical perturbation
  • controlled by MES software
Video shows in vivo multilayer imaging about GCaMP6 labeled neurons from four depths in visual cortex. The imaging was performed by Femto2D-Dual. equipped with focus tunable liquid lens.


  • 3D volume/multiplane imaging
  • 3D arbitrary frame scanning
  • stripe scanning