The highly concentrated heme content of the red blood cells is excitable in the spectral region of 300-650 nm. In the light of this fact, green illumination with LED allows high contrast visualization of blood vessels on the surface of any organs helping to navigate in the sample under in vivo conditions.


The green lamp is installed into the light path above the objective, and its light illuminates the whole field of view. The emitted light is detected by camera. During the imaging the change between camera and PMT detection modes is established by a motorized unit controlled by MES/MESc software. If the green lamp is ON mode, the PMTs are protected by a controlled shutter system.

  • wavelength: 510-540 nm
  • penetration down to 100 μm depth
  • detection by CMOS camera
  • light intensity controlled by MES/MESc software
  • equipped on the objective arm
  • built-in PMT protection during the operation of the green lamp