The optomechanical design enables us to couple more than one beams into the microscope using the same light path. Our MES control software enables precise spatiotemporal positioning of the beams supporting a wide range of biophotonics applications.


  • additional Ti:S or CW laser(s) coupled to the existing light path
  • wavelength range is defined by the range of the microscope optics (e.g. 450-1100 or 700-1100 or 900-1300 nm with different transmission spectra)
  • full optical engineering for an optimized light path for all wavelengths
  • switching between the coupled beams and the control can be done remotely via MES


  • photostimulation with IR or visible light
  • flexible stimulation patterns by galvo scanner supporting stimulation of selected regions
  • light path for uncaging studies
  • light path for optogenetics:
  • ChR2 activation with 473 nm laser
  • NpHR activation with 561 nm laser