Opportunity is a two-photon microscope designed primary for 3D photo stimulation aiming to uncage masked transmitters in any location of the 3D sample and image the evoked events. The modules of Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging (FLIM) allows fast time correlated single photon counting resulting time-resolved fluorescence imaging. Nowadays, Opportunity is contributing in studies being about cellular mechanisms of epilepsy and other neurodegenerative diseases, given femtoliter and sub-millisecond resolution of synaptic structure and function.



Spirit is designed for researchers who needed to extend the two-photon microscopy research also with confocal and FLIM imaging. Two laser lines built-in the confocal unit allow excitation and imaging of CFP, RFP, Rhodamine, FITC and GFP, and the modules for FLIM combined with the two-photon microscope allow fast time correlated single photon counting resulting time-resolved fluorescence imaging. Now, Spirit is working as a partner in studies of molecular cellular, and systems of neuronal communication at synapses.



Stimulus was designed as a fully equipped microscope specialized for photo stimulation at 477 and 561 nm used in uncaging and optogenetics studies. It is capable of stimulating precisely following points, lines or other patterns with fine-tuned lasers, and simultaneous imaging with Ti:S laser source with high frame rate, thanks for the galvo and resonant scanners in dual configuration. Currently, Stimulus helps researchers working in the field of neuroscience.

  • Femto2D-Dual: galvo and resonant scanners in tandem
  • Multiple beam module: two additional beam for optogenetics module with 477 nm CW beam for ChR2 activation and with 561 nm CW beam for NpHR activation. PMT protection during the activation is established by built-in gating system
  • Ti-S IR laser for uncaging and Pockels cell for laser intensity adjustment
  • In vitro extension


FemtoS Bridge is a special edition of theFemtoSmart microscope which is manufactured to have for extreme freedom in positioning of the body. It involves all advantages of the FemtoSmart series but it is extended to studies which need huge place for the sample or accessories therefore allowing functional brain imaging in head fixed mice navigated in a virtual reality environment.

The foot is replaced with a lifting apparatus which move the head along vertical direction.
  • Moving range: 50 cm (1.64 feet)
  • Coarse Z-adjustment: 1 mm
  • Fine motions:
  • - by the objective holding arm in a 50 mm range of Z direction
    - piezo objective positioner for moving the objective with fast Z positioning in several hundred micrometers ranges
    - an XY actuator moves the body relative to the column in X and Y direction (+/-25 mm range, step size: 1 μm)
    - finally our tilting objective further increases the accessibility to the side parts of the sample

These microscopes were named in honor of the Mars Exploration Rovers.

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