FemtoSmart Galvo

3P wavelength extension

FemtoSmart Galvo equipped with 3P wavelength extension allows excitation in wavelength range of 1,200-1,600 nm provided by an amplified laser system. The longer excitation wavelengths are scattered less in the biological tissues, which allows extending the penetration depth, reduces out-of-focus excitation, and increases the signal-to-noise-ratio. Figure shows fluorescent activity measured on several somata from the V1 region of GCaMP labeled mouse
The extension kit contains:
• Coherent Monaco pump laser and Opera-F optical parametric amplifier system
• high quality optical elements optimized transmission between 1,200-1,600 nm
• full optical engineering

Third Harmonic Generation
Third Harmonic Generation is a specific effect of 3P excitation, that results from the conversion of three incoming photons into one emitted photon with tripled energy and thus, the emission of the light of one third the wavelength. THG occurs at structural interfaces that are formed between aqueous fluids and lipid-rich structures, for instance biological membranes, and between water and large protein aggregates such as collagen bundles or muscle fibers.

Figure shows THG image of a section of mouse kidney: kidney cells were excited at 1500 nm, and the emitted photons were collected at the green channel (~500 nm) of the detector system.