Dendritic patch-clamp
With intracellular patch-clamp recording it is possible to observe and manipulate membrane potential fluctuations in neurons. All Femtonics microscopes can be equipped with electrophysiological devices, and the following settings facilitate the experiments:
• automatic software module moves the tip of the pipette to the selected dendritic location,
• pipette movement and distance to target location can be monitored in real-time,
• guide points can be positioned by the user according to the scanned transmitted or two-photon images,
• real-time transmitted infrared and two photon images can be shown separately or in overlay,
• only one simple calibration step is required before using a new recording pipette.

Processing of electrophysiological data
The electrophysiology software module acquires electrophysiology signals using the A/D converters of the microscope. The telegraphing function communicates the conversion parameters from the amplifier to the A/D converters managed by the control software. Electrophysiology signal acquisition time is aligned with the imaging data. The electrophysiology GUI also includes a seal test window.

Dual-perfusion chamber kit
This slice chamber is designed to maintain isolated, living tissues in a healthy state during experiments. In contrast with single perfusion, dual-superfusion of submerged slices increases the vitality of cells, since oxygen and other materials, for example, can freely and effectively diffuse from both sides into the thick slices at a high flow rate.

The close cooperation with our partners help to provide you a complete solution for
electrophysiological measurements combined two-photon microscopy.