• Holographic illumination

    for 3D photostimulation

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Technology Overview

The holographic stimulation is an extremely flexible method which produces simultaneous illumination in variable shape and size of multiple regions in the three-dimensional sample by using diffractive spatial light modulator (SLM).


  • 3D pattern activation in a 350×400×400 µm3 stimulating volume

  • simultaneous excitation in several depths with many ROIs by using SLM

  • ROIs are defined as polygons with arbitrary shape and size

  • high temporal resolution of the activation

  • lateral resolution less than 3 µm, axial resolution less than 10 µm (with 20x objective at 1040 nm)

  • excitation wavelength range: 1020-1080 nm


  • photostimulation of neurons by activating light sensitive ion channels such as ChR2 or NpHR

  • large illumination region allows activation of sufficient number of photoactive molecules

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