• LED light source

    for full field photostimulation

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Technology Overview

Full-field illumination using a selected LED source allows molecules and cells to be stimulated over the whole FOV homogeneously. Combine this module with gated detectors to achieve millisecond switching between stimulation and imaging.


  • typical wavelengths: 430, 450, 480, 590 nm, others on special request

  • precisely timed and highly repeatable impulses

  • ~200 µm penetration depth

  • software controlled operation

  • equipped on the objective arm

  • PMT protection during the stimulation by built-in gating system


  • simultaneous stimulation over the entire FOV

  • optimized for optogenetics studies: precise spatio-temporal activation of ChR2 and/or NpHR

  • millisecond switching between stimulation and detection

Optional modules

Femtonics Technology