Technology Overview

The optomechanical design of the light path enables us to direct more beams into the microscope, utilizing the same light path. We offer secondary, fine-tuned laser sources for a wide range of biophotonics applications.


  • additional IR or CW laser(s) coupled to the existing light path

  • light path optimized for all wavelengths (e.g. 450-1100 or 700-1100 or 900-1300 nm with different transmission spectra)

  • full optical engineering

  • software controlled operation


  • photostimulation with IR or visible light

  • flexible stimulation patterns supporting stimulation of selected regions

  • two-photon uncaging studies

  • visible light optogenetics:

    • ChR2 activation with 473 nm laser

    • NpHR activation with 561 nm laser

Optional modules

Femtonics Technology