• in vivo functional imaging down to over 650 µm depth

  • 500 µm × 500 µm × 650 µm scanning volume in vivo (with a 20x, NA=1.0 obj.)

  • spatial resolution is less than 500 nm in the center

  • automatic wavelength tuning between 750 - 1050 nm

  • integrated beam stabilization

  • integrated dispersion compensation unit for the most effective excitation

  • two pairs of acousto-optic deflectors for XY and Z scanning

  • switching between points in 3D without mechanical restrictions

  • scanning speed up to 30 kHz to any points in 3D

  • near simultaneous measurement of 2000 ROIs

  • 3D scanning modes: Random-access point, trajectory, stripe, tilted frame, volume scanning

  • Anti-motion technology for motion correction: chessboard, multi-cube, 3D multiple-line, ribbon, snake scanning methods

  • 2D scanning modes: point, line, frame, folded/multi-frame scanning, X-Y-Z stack

  • ROI scanning and the optical system support high signal-to-noise ratio

  • MATLAB based, integrated hardware, measurement control and analysis software

  • intelligent control of various sensory stimuli supporting behavioral studies

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