Femto3D Atlas is an acousto-optic scanner based two-photon microscope extension which can be added to existing upright microscopes to open their imaging capability to fast 3D functional imaging. It contains two pairs of AO deflectors (AODs) which are responsible for the X, Y, and Z focusing. The unique property of this scanner type that it does not contain scanning mirrors or any other slowly moving mechanical components, so the positioning of the focal spot is fast, flexible, stable and independent of the travelling distance. This positioning freedom results an extremely high scanning speed, up to 30 kHz at any 3D location under the objective in a cubic millimeter volume.

  • fast 3D scanning possibility for existing microscopes
  • third generation 3D acousto-optic scan head
  • all 3D scanning methods featured Femto3D AcoustoOptic product line
  • 30 kHz scanning speed

  • simultaneous imaging of 2000< neurons for network imaging
  • dendritic imaging resolving activity of single action potentials
  • for in vitro, in vivo and behavior studies

The system

The precisely designed frame provides exceptional appearance and high stability to the Femto3D Atlas enabling it to be coupled to numerous host microscopes. Femto3D Atlas contains not only the AODs but the requiring light path with optics, control electronics and workstation, and it involves the full optical engineering, and our measurement control and analysis software. This system coupled to a host microscope provides the above mentioned superior in vivo imaging parameters. For the system compatibility and more details, please contact us.

The host microscope

The host microscope must have the following, essential properties: upright arrangement, upright camera output and a laser source. The Femto3D Atlas connects from upper position to the host microscope through the camera port. In this arrangement the camera port could be replaced. If the existing laser source is not equipped with beam stabilization unit, our 4D beam condition unit ensures the precise operation of the acousto-optic scanner-based imaging. If there is no host microscope, we offer our basic, low-budget Femtonics 2P Platform system which has been developed exclusively for the Femto3D Atlas.

Build your future together with us

Femto3D Atlas working together with your microscope provides an ultimate 3D imaging solution.