Femto3D Omega is our stand-alone, complete acousto-optic scanner-based microscope. It was the first two-photon microscope on the market which used acousto-optic scanner enabling the researchers to image thousands of neurons being in distributed locations of the living brain. The first Femto3D Omega was installed nearly 10 years ago. Since then, many breakthrough results have been published in high-impact journals such as the Nature or Neuron

  • the fastest 3D scanning methods
  • 30 kHz scanning speed
  • all 3D scanning methods featured Femto3D AcoustoOptic product line

  • simultaneous imaging of 2000< neurons for network imaging
  • dendritic imaging resolving activity of single action potentials
  • for in vitro, in vivo and behavior studies

The system

Being a stand-alone system, this microscope contains all parts which need for the microscopic imaging. Femto3D Omega combines an intoxicating blend of high-tech science, engineering, refinement in 3D measurements, and technology. In the past ten-year period we have developed many new technologies, providing the fastest microscope on the world.

  • optimal arrangement of optical elements based on diffraction-based modeling

  • optimized angular dispersion compensation

  • dynamic optical error compensation

  • deflector optimized for longer wavelengths (for GECIs)

  • minimized optical path length to maximize detection with ultrasensitive PMTs

  • integrated measurement control and analysis software

Optional modules

The original in vivo operation, the microscope can be equipped with in vitro extension, therefore it is suitable also for in vitro studies. We also offer green illumination which aids navigation on the surface of the organs under in vivo conditions, enabling high contrast visualization of structures such as blood vessels which provide orientation points in the tissue. Numerous accessories, hardware and software modules are available supporting electrophysiology and behavioral studies.

Femto3D Omega in vitro

Femto3D Omega in vivo

We want to open new perspectives in the microscopic imaging

The best of our knowledge was filled into the Femto3D AcoustoOptic and the exceptional measurement and analysis software package, that enables the scientist to reveal 3D neural network and dendritic activities in the brain of awake animal models during behavior.