The FemtoSmart Bridge is a special edition of the FemtoSmart microscope which is designed to provide extreme freedom in positioning of the body. It involves all the advantages of the FemtoSmart series but it has been extended, making it particularly beneficial to studies which need a very large space for the sample or accessories by enabling functional brain imaging in head-fixed mice navigating in a large mobile cage.

The elevator

In this FemtoSmart Bridge microscope, the foot is replaced with a lifting apparatus that provides an adjustable space between the microscope base and the top lens of the objective. The role of the modified elevating foot is to move the head along vertical direction. The moving range is 50 cm, the coarse Z-adjustment along the column is 1 mm. This elevator is situated outside of the workplace allowing an enlarged place below the Smart head. We provide the optimal combination of multiple height and working distance choices to address most animal models.

Unique features

  • Z moving range by the lifting apparatus: 50 cm

  • Coarse Z adjustment: 1 mm

  • Z moving range by the by the objective holding arm: 50 mm

  • Fast Z positioning by Piezo objective positioner kit: 400 µm

  • XY actuator moves the body relative to the column in the X and Y directions: ±25 mm range, step size: 1 µm

  • Our Tilting objective kit further increases accessibility to organs