• in vivo deep brain imaging down to 850 µm

  • properties of the galvanometric scanner based imaging

    800 µm × 800 µm FOV (with a 20x obj.)
    point and random access point with 200 µs/point
    free hand line and multiple line: 40 lines/5 ms
    frame with 4.1 fps at 512 x 512 pixel, 750 µm x 750 µm
    folded frame, multiple folded frame
    pixel dwell time adjustable: 0.5 µs – 10 ms, pixel-based averaging

  • properties of resonant scanner based imaging

    600 µm × 600 µm FOV (with a 20x obj.)
    raster scanning with 31 fps at 512×512 pixels and 500 fps at 512×32 pixels
    16 000 lines/sec (straight, parallel with x-axis)
    3D volume scanning with 3 Hz by Piezo objective positioner
    dynamic pixel dwell time to avoid image distorsion

  • custom-designed optical elements for maximal transmission efficiency

  • non-descanned, ultrasensitive GaAsP PMT

  • minimized optical path length by patented travelling detector system

  • control software with analysis and upgrade possibilities

  • high signal-to-noise ratio

  • simultaneous detection of multiple wavelength