MESc is a highly modular measurement control and analysis software developed to drive our FemtoSmart Resonant microscope. It was designed in C++ programming language with day-to-day lab experience in the field of cellular and network imaging.


  • galvo scanner, PMTs, light path actuators, focusing, electrical devices

  • auxiliary digital and analog channels to interface stimulators

  • sample stage or patch pipette devices


  • Finely tunable measurement parameters (resolution, duration, frame average)

  • Automatic adjustment of dynamic pixel dwell time to avoid image distorsion

  • Live data display and processing

  • Data exporting into standard formats

  • MESc Application Programming Interface

  • A live connection to MATLAB

  • Convenient and fast measurement data processing

  • Custom measurement protocols of arbitrary complexity

FemtoSmart Resonant. Capture the moment.

Measurement control

  • Integrated control of all hardware units

  • Live preview mode with on-the-fly parameter adjustment

  • Real-time measurement data display with live analysis functions

  • Digital lab-book philosophy: entire measurement series can be saved into one .mesc file, including per-measurement metadata

  • Unlimited measurement time, unlimited video streaming to the hard drive

  • Pervasive auto-save and rescue

Data analysis

  • Quantitative intensity-based calculations

  • Composite display of color-coded multi-channel data

  • Polygonal and rectangular ROIs for intensity change calculations

  • Recorded imaging data exportable to common image and video formats

  • Electrical recordings exportable to common spreadsheet software