fbpx Femtonics - Femtonics FocusPinner - Real-time motion correction for 2p microscopy

An eminent way for gaining insight into how neuronal activity determines behavior is to measure brain activity in awake, behaving animals. Drawing reliable conclusions from imaging data collected from behaving mice remains very challenging, as intrinsic tissue movements arising from limb and body motion, breathing, or heartbeats can be extremely difficult to discern from real calcium transients. The struggle with motion artifacts will come to an end with the upcoming new feature of our flagship FEMTO3D Atlas multiphoton microscope.

The first truly 3D, blazing-fast real-time motion correction solution, Femtonics FocusPinner, will be available soon for the acousto-optic FEMTO3D Atlas imaging platform. Be among the first to exploit unprecedented possibilities in ultra-fast 3D two-photon imaging!



The users of Femtonics FocusPinner will be able to:

  • eliminate motion motion artifacts during data acquisition not just along the axes of the imaged plane but also along the optical axis,
  • acquire neuronal activity data while the animal is moving in virtual reality and performing various tasks,
  • profit from unprecedented signal-to-noise ratio,
  • save time by avoiding time-consuming post hoc processing,
  • combine the new FocusPinner feature with the versatile set of scanning methods offered by FEMTO3D Atlas,
  • record the activity of neurons and their processes up to a million times faster than by classical scanning methods while eliminating motion artifacts in 3D in real-time.

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