Fast two-photon in vivo imaging with three-dimensional random-access scanning in large tissue volumes

G Katona, G Szalay, P Maak, A Kaszas, M Veress, D Hillier, B Chiovini, ES Vizi, B Roska & B Rozsa

Nature Methods 2012

Katona et al, Nature Methods (2012)

This paper published in Nature Methods demonstrates the capabilities of the Femto3D-AO microscope developed by Gergely Katona et al. The acousto-optic two photon microscope is equipped with an electrically tunable lens focusing the excitation point very fast to any locations in 3D under the objective without mechanical restrictions. Scanning can be done in a near-cubic-millimeter range with high spatial and sub-millisecond temporal resolution. The paper describes two scanning strategies implemented on the system: continuous 3D trajectory scanning allows to precisely follow neural processes over several hundred micrometers to image the propagation of action potentials or dendritic spikes. Random access scanning mode supports imaging evoked or spontaneous calcium-activity in hundreds of neurons simultaneously in vivo.

Katona et al, Nature Methods (2012)

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