Roller Coaster Scanning reveals spontaneous triggering of dendritic spikes in CA1 interneurons

G Katona, A Kaszas, GF Turi, N Hajos, G Tamas, ES Vizi, and B Rozsa

PNAS 2011

Katona et al, PNAS (2011)

Katona et al introduce an innovative technique called 3D trajectory scanning or Roller Coaster scanning using galvanometer based two-photon microscope equipped with fast piezo objective positioner. The method enables measurements of neuronal calcium signals in long dendritic segments and individual spines. By 3D trajectory scanning, they detected and characterised network activity driven dendritic (i.e., NMDA) spikes generated by nonlinear synaptic integration in hippocampal CA1 stratum radiatum interneurons (RAD INs).

Katona et al, PNAS (2011)

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