Combined two-photon imaging, electrophysiological, and anatomical investigation of the human neocortex in vitro

B Peter Kerekes, K Toth; A Kaszas, B Chiovini, Z Szadai, G Szalay, D Palfi, A Bago, K Spitzer, B Rozsa, I Ulbert, L Wittner

Neurophotonics 2014

Kerekes et al, Neurophotonics (2014)

Kerekes et al combined electrophysiological recording with two-photon imaging to study human neocortical slices prepared from epileptic and tumor patients and maintained in dual perfusion chamber. They demonstrated that calcium dynamics of human neurons measured in whole-cell, LFP and intracellular calcium levels, are comparable to those found in animals, and the combined method allows simultaneous optical and electrophysiological examination of large neuronal populations, individual neurons and neuronal assemblies with high spatial and temporal resolutions.

Kerekes et al, Neurophotonics (2014)

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