Single-cell–initiated monosynaptic tracing reveals layer-specific cortical network modules

A Wertz, S Trenholm, K Yonehara, D Hillier, Z Raics, M Leinweber, G Szalay, A Ghanem, G Keller, B Rozsa, KK Conzelmann, B Roska

Science 2015

Wertz et al, Science (2015)

Roska’s lab (FMI, Basel) mapped the presynaptic network of a V1 orientation selective neuron by using a single-cell-iniciated, monosynaptically restricted, retrograde transsynaptic network tracing with rabies viruses. The labeled neurons expressed GCaMP6s, which allowed to image, in vivo, the visual motion-evoked activity of individual layer 2/3 pyramidal neurons and their whole presynaptic networks across layers in the primary visual cortex of the mice. For the measurement of this large number of neurons scattered across the  width of the cortex they used a Femto3D-AO microscope. They found that the neurons within each layer exhibited similar motion direction preferences, forming layer-specific functional modules. In one third of the networks, the layer modules were locked to the direction preference of the postsynaptic neuron, whereas for other networks the direction preference varied by layer.

Wertz et al, Science (2015)

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