CEO of Femtonics received the „Lifestyle of the Future Entrepreneur” special award from EY, for being one of the most successful and dynamically growing companies in the Eastern European region. Femtonics has been awarded the second time for recognition. Recognized as one of the most prestigious business award programs in the country, the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year awards celebrate the country’s most innovative business leaders.

The National Research, Development and Innovation Office organized a round table discussion at the EU Funds 2017 conference. The event showcased businesses as which successfully participated in the Horizon 2020 programme. Watch the interview


Hungarian Chronics in the Duna channel of the nationwide public television introduced Femtonics as one of the most innovative companies in Hungary, who is working on developments focusing on restoring the vision.


Learned Society - The Magazine for Curious People in the M5 channel of the nationwide public television introduced Femtonics, who supports the top scientific research by developing two-photon microscopes.


The latest issue of the periodical Heti Válasz features an article about Femtonics new developments, patents, innovation center, and our new education system. We believe that with the force of science we can advance the conditions for high-tech R&D in Hungary. Read the article.


BÉT50 - Fifty domestic company's success story. Femtonics team has been selected to the top 50.


On 2-3 November 2016, Femtonics held the first professional training course about Anti-mOtion technology using Femto3D-AcoustoOptic microscope, introducing the new technology to the users and helping them to become expert users. During the training, the participants acquired knowledge about:

  • basic maintenance and setting of the Femto3D-AcoustoOptic microscope,
  • how to use the control software with the analysis functions focusing on the 3D Anti-mOtion technology and the novel scanning modes,
  • laboratory methods such as surgery and sample preparation,
  • how this microscope can be applied in field of neuroscience and two-photon microscopy.

If you are interested in the next training, please write to sales [at]


Femtonics is very happy to announce that was given MagyarBrands awards. The MagyarBrands awards were presented for the sixth time in 2016. In 2010 experts in the Superbrands Hungary Council decided to launch the MagyarBrands Programme to honour the best Hungarian brands.  Winner brands have the potential to earn prestige for Hungarian enterprises both in and outside Hungary. Winners have the chance to profit from the MagyarBrands programme in the long run, in both their branding strategy and sales performance. The experts of the MagyarBrands programme created a complex index number by combining seven characteristics that contribute to a brand being considered Hungarian and successful: tradition, employment, ownership, reputation, identity, brand awareness, popularity.


Femtonics is experiencing a positive development within our business area. We are seeing an increase in demand for our services from both private and public research institutes in the United States of America. As part of our growth strategy we want to get even closer to our customers and partners, many of which are in the USA area. We have therefore decided to open an office in Salem in February, 2016. The new office also allows us better contact with customers, companies, partners and organizations in USA. 


In the first week of November the Hungarian National Research, Development and Innovation Office introduced the most innovative Hungarian talents to Nobel laureate researchers and an international audience of decision-makers responsible for science policy and financing. The goal of the meeting was to provide an inspiring environment enabling them to find answers to the questions around the social responsibility, science and business innovation processes.

World Science Forum
Castle Garden Bazaar
Budapest, Hungary
November 6, 2015