Our mission is to make high-quality technical support readily available before and after you select your microscope. The Femtonics support team include mechanical, optical and software engineers, as well as application scientists. They are ready to provide technical advice and technical guidance, starting with custom selection of the best microscope and modules for you and continues through assembly, installation and maintenance.

We help to keep your system healthy, up-to-date and operating at the highest level of its performance.
support team

Our support members are always ready to answer your call and find solutions to any unforeseen technical difficulty.

remote support

Providing remote technical support using an internet camera, microphone and remote-control software allows our technical team to test the hardware and to modify the software remotely.

online support

The online customer service portal enables the users to contact directly the Femtonics support team.


Download and testdrive MES and MESc control and analysis software! These offline versions are free and work with no time limit.

“ The Femtonics team have provided us with an excellent service. Their extremely helpful ‘can do’ attitude has made for a first-class scientific relationship. The team have always provided an extremely prompt service, even outside standard working hours they have been ready and willing to assist. This level of service combined with a very high level of technical knowledge, has given us the confidence and security that a scientific research such as ours requires when servicing scientific research goals with high demands.”

– Prof. Stefan Hallermann, Professor and Head of Department I, Carl-Ludwig-Institute for Physiology, University of Leipzig, Germany

“ Over the past five years our collaboration with Femtonics has enabled us to reach all the challenging experimental goals set for this period. The modifications of both software and hardware in response to changing experimental needs and the elegant technical solutions provided by Femtonics continue to allow for a high flexibility in the use of our microscopes. I very much cherish the scientific roots and the inventive spirit of Femtonics!”

– Prof. Veronica Egger, Institute of Zoology, Regensburg University, Germany

“The two-photon excitation scopes we got from Femtonics had immediately placed us on a different level of experimental probing, in terms of fluorescence sensitivity and optical and imaging design flexibility. Their engineers have been quick and smart with fixing any technical issues arising. Looking forward to seeing the next wave of advanced instruments from them.”

– Prof. Dmitri Rusakov, Institute of Neurology, UCL, England