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Tune in to the Brain - multiphoton microscopy webinar

Revealing the secrets of the 3D acousto-optic technology in multiphoton stimulation and imaging 

In the second session of our multiphoton microscopy webinar series, we are going to dive into the subject of the unique and innovative 3D acousto-optic technology at the core of our FEMTO3D Atlas microscope, to an extent it has never been done before. Join us to gain a deep technical insight into the mechanics behind the extraordinary optical performance and unprecedented 3D resolution of this outstanding, All-in-One device. Learn how acousto-optic deflectors guide the laser beam flexibly anywhere in a 3D sample, and how they grant the FEMTO3D Atlas the ability to perform ultrafast, simultaneous, real-time 3D imaging and photostimulation, 3D ROI scanning, 3D motion correction or high-speed arbitrary frame scanning. 

If you are interested in more in-depth discussions feel free to get in touch with us.

The event is held by Tamás Tompa PhD, our Application Specialists, and Ms. Eszter Markó, our Product Specialist.

multiphoton microscopy webinar

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In case you missed the live event, take a look at the video recording of the webinar here.