fbpx Femtonics - Interview with researchers: Attila Losonczy MD. PhD.

An interview with Prof. Losonczy: Methods behind a breakthrough research in neuroscience

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In our newly released interview Attila Losonczy, MD, PhD, principal investigator at Columbia’s Mortimer B. Zuckerman Mind Brain Behavior Institute shares first-hand information about what kind of instruments and methods they used to investigate the brain’s ability to acquire and store information.

The team of Prof. Losonczy has been the first ever to create an awe-inspiring 3D inventory of interneuron activity. In their research published in Neuron, (Geiller et al., 2020) the group precisely identified the type of every single interneuron in a large neural network in the brain of behaving mice: they described their anatomical properties using immunohistochemistry, and simultaneously followed their calcium activity in real time in 3D with a high spatiotemporal resolution for the first time ever using FEMTO3D Atlas multiphoton microscope. This way, it was possible to study these cells during such key events for learning and memory formation, as sharp-wave ripples.

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