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An interview with Tristan Geiller: Shining a new light on memory formation

PEEP DEEP INTO THE HIPPOCAMPUS – An interview with neuroscientist Tristan Geiller on his recent Nature study shining a new light on memory formation

In a recent Nature study, Tristan Geiller and his colleagues at Columbia University has combined advanced techniques to perform in vivo hippocampal circuit imaging, revealing mechanisms which may hold the key for the processes of memory storage and formation.

The group has utilized the unmatched capabilities of the acousto-optic FEMTO3D Atlas two-photon microscope, which, unlike conventional imaging platforms, gives optical access to thousands of neurons in the brain in 3D simultaneously, in their native arrangement. With this tool in hand, the team has not only detected the activity of individual hippocampal place cells while forming spatial maps, but also that of all the neurons connected to them. The ambitious research project shines a new light on memory storage and formation, as it shows that the neurons in the memory center of the brain are much more connected than previously thought: they learn collaboratively in local groups, storing information redundantly in a similar way to holograms.

Gain deeper insight into the advanced application methods of the FEMTO3D Atlas multiphoton microscope.

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