FemtoSmart Galvo microscope is controlled and works together with our modular measurement control and analysis software package called MES. MES is written in the MATLAB environment enabling rapid code development and opens the data to the users. It is designed with the day-to-day lab experiences in the field of cellular and network imaging. MES supports 2D ROI selection and immediate ROI activity analysis necessary for high throughput measurements.


  • Finely tunable measurement parameters (resolution, duration, frame average)

  • Numerous built-in patterns for ROI imaging

  • Real-time data display and analysis

  • Data can be exported to common image and video format


  • galvo scanner, PMTs, light path actuators, electrical devices

  • focusing, camera handling

  • auxiliary digital and analog channels to interface stimulators

  • behavior control devices

  • sample stage or patch pipette devices

ROI selection
Numerous software tools support all kinds of 2D scanning pattern generation: points, straight or curved lines and areas with various shapes can be selected improving the efficiency of imaging.

  • LineMagic allows easy placing of predefined shapes, such as spirals,

  • Cell3DFinder locates cells for ROI scanning,

  • TravellingSalesman creates the shortest pathway between the scanning points increasing the velocity of the scanning,

  • ROIs can be imaged in the three-dimensional space by RollerCoaster software and hardware package.

Real-time display and analysis
Integrated, quantitative intensity-based calculations allow following real-time fluorescence changes (e.g. ∆F/F calculation) and simultaneous analysis. To extend the function, MES can adapt electrophysiological recordings too displaying Ca2+ and electrical signals side-by-side.

Batch processing
The analysis module of MES contains efficient tools to analyze entire multi-ROI measurement sets conveniently. Sophisticated curve analysis tool allows fast exploration of the measurement data. Having direct access to the data, any user created analysis methods can be developed.

Extension modules

MES can be extended with many software modules to support various measurement protocols. It involves import and export functions with other programs such as MS Excel, Imaris, Amira, Huygens. It can integrate the control of numerous devices (Luigs&Neumann, PipettePanipulation). MES can adapt electrophysiological recordings.


  • Pipette Manipulation

  • Travelling Salesman

  • Electrophysiology importer

  • MS Excel importer

  • Luigs&Neumann device support

  • Marzhauser Tango II device support

  • StimVisual

  • Intrinsic imaging