• FemtoSmart

    The FemtoSMART is a resonant and galvanometric scanner based two-photon microscope product line, which allows the in vivo imaging.

FemtoSmart Products

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Extreme positioning freedom

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The column-based X-Y-Z moving body of the FemtoSmart houses the scanner unit, control circuits, and internal light path. The leg is 600 mm long and custom size is also available, and its footprint is only 250 mm × 250 mm; the distance between the objective and the surface is 360 mm. The design enables the objective to move in a 50 mm range in the Z-direction and the microscope body can also move in 50 mm range in the XY directions around the base. The Tilting objective, as an optional module, can further increase mobility.

Superior imaging technology

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TThe optomechanical design of FemtoSmart is based on the established technology of Femtonics. The fine-tuned optical construction allows imaging to a depth of 850 µm, and wavelength range from visible to the infrared regime allowing even 3p excitation. The high-quality scanners delivering the highest resolution currently available. Detection is performed by our patented travelling detector system, where the highest quality GaAsP PMTs and associated optical elements are mounted on the objective arm which helps to keep the photon collection ratio high.


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The microscope’s modular nature allows us to assemble the components, and recombine and upgrade the system to perfectly fit the customer’s needs. Multiple lasers can be built into the microscope, either for imaging or photoactivation. Galvo and/or resonant scanner direct the beam. The detection is performed by multiple high- sensitivity GaAsP photomultipliers. The system can be equipped with a lot of optional modules enabling it to be adapted for a wide range of biological applications.

Technology Overview

The FemtoSmart series is the next step in Femtonics product evolution, fully customizable two-photon microscopes, which are primarily used in in vivo studies. Their special feature is the elevated body which can move in X, Y, and Z directions, providing ample room under the objective for optimal positioning of your sample. This feature makes them suitable for in vivo studies of model organisms ranging from zebra fish larvae, through mice navigating in virtual reality to even non-human primates.


  • Elevated, column-based body

  • XYZ positioning

  • Tilting objective

  • High level of modularity

  • Galvanometric, resonant, or both scanning possibilities

  • Travelling detector system

  • 3P ready transmission range upon request


  • Extremely large space under the objective

  • For in vivo studies

  • Field upgradability

  • Patented imaging technologies

  • Flexible scanning methods

  • Maximal photon collection