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An Atlas for the Brain: two-photon microscopy webinar

Mapping neuronal activities, from the network to the spine scale in 3D, a million times faster than conventional two-photon microscopy

In our last webinar, we have focused on the secrets of the innovative acousto-optic (AO) technology behind the FEMTO3D Atlas two-photon microscope developed by Femtonics. In this (published on December 10, 2020), we answered the following question: how can its applications help to push the frontiers of scientific research

Computational properties of the brain cannot be understood without measuring processes on the 3D neuronal network level: the FEMTO3D Atlas has been created to answer this need. Besides ultra-fast 3D ROI scanning, our instrument is capable of high-speed arbitrary frame scanningin vivo 4D volume scanning, effective motion correction of the recordings and provides an option for precise and fast photostimulation; providing an All-in-One solution. In this webinar, we will focus on its practical applications that can further your breakthrough projects.

In this webinar you will learn more about:  

  • How the Atlas’ special scanning techniques can connect dimensions, from the network scale through cells and dendrites to spines.
  • Why these advanced 3D scanning modes are the best choice yet to record the neural activity of numerous cells simultaneously in a large 3D volume.
  • Why motion correction offered by the Atlas is essential during research involving behaving animals.
  • The benefits of simultaneous 3D imaging and 3D photostimulation


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Atlas will carry your research on its back.