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FEMTOSmart Galvo Software

FEMTOSmart Galvo microscopes can be set up with both the default FEMTOSmart software and with our optional MATLAB-based software suite (MES) that implements special line-scanning patterns.

Key features

  • Various 2D ROI scanning and photostimulation methods
  • Fast control and automation of measurements
  • Efficient batch processing of measurement data

Measurement control

MES is capable of performing all standard microscopy functions and it fully integrates the control of all hardware units in the microscope:

  • focusing,
  • laser intensity, safety shutters,
  • PMT gain and gating,
  • auxiliary digital and analog channels to interface stimulators or electrophysiology,
  • behavior control devices,
  • sample stage control.

Galvo scanning methods

MES supports coordinate selection and measurement control of various 2D pattern scanning technologies:

  • raster scanning,
  • multiple frame scanning,
  • multiple line scanning,
  • folded frame scanning,
  • line photostimulation stimulus patterns.

Data access

MES stores data in open-standard HDF5 format.  To analyze data, MES offers built-in analysis functions or users can easily access file content from the MATLAB IDE using the application programming interface.


MES 6.5 comes with several new features and improved stability


Minimum system requirements

  • Windows® 10
  • MATLAB R2018a-R2018b
  • RAM: At least 16 GB
  • Disk space: At least 100 GB free disk space
  • Display: At least 1280×720 pixels resolution