• Career

    Being deeply inspired about developing hi-tech devices supporting medical science and forming a passionate team.

Our company manufactures hi-tech scientific instruments for biological researches focusing primarily in the field of neurosciences.  Femtonics is localized In Budapest, Hungary, and we are represented as the one of the most innovative biotechnological firms in our country.  The cutting-edge technology, the breakthrough ideas, and the people at Femtonics make us who we are. They come from a variety of qualifications and professional backgrounds, and we open our door at all career levels enthusiastically leading the juniors to become professional senior. It is important for us to find the talented people and help them to suit their most fitting open position.

Open positions

  • Infinitive possibilites

  • Talented people

  • Energetic environment

  • Cool carreer opportunity for scientists

  • Cutting-edge technology

  • Flexitime


Optical developers

The optical department consists of physicists and biomedical engineers with strong optics and laser profession. They design the core of the microscopes including the light path and all optical elements and they lead the evolution of Femtonics optical solutions.

Mechanical engineers

Our mechanical department involves mechanical and electrical engineers. They responsibility is to realize stable, finely tuned, functioning instruments. They give also distinct appearance to our microscopes.

Electronics engineers and Production

The department makes an interface between PC applications and optical elements integrating all first-party and third-party components into one system. They design, develop and test these modular embedded systems and brings them to life.

Service and Support

Mechanical, electrical, biomedical engineers and physicists are involved into our service team. They install and service the microscopes around the world and provide support to the users during the measurements.

Software engineers

The software department involving programmer experts improves the control software of our devices extending the measurement and analysis possibilities. They work on the most effective implementation of the user requests.

Research team

Our researcher team has high-impact studies in brain research and work with our microscopes day-to-day. Their vision and feed-back to the developers is one of the most important driving force of our company.


The Femtonics Chemistry department involving chemists designs and develops new caged neurotransmitters and custom-synthesized compounds for frontier neuroscience research.

Sales and Marketing

Our sales and marketing experts have grown up from bioengineers, biologists and medical professionals. Trained in neuroscience and microscopic imaging, and demanding the customer’s needs, they form the bridge between the researcher and the manufacturer.


Accounting and Finance

Administration and Operation