Technology Overview

Head holder stands and head plates fix the rodent’s head in different positions, enabling precise measurements in the brain. Three types of head holders are available with different dimensions. For anesthetized rodents, we offer a heating pad coupled to a holder, or for behaving animals a stand that ensures access to jetballs, treadmills, or other devices.

Flexible head holder

Offering maximum flexible adjustment for positioning the head, this holder fixes the scull from one side. The head plate can be moved in three directions of the space and also along the bridge. It is offered for difficult to access parts such as eyes or auditory cortex, and anesthetized rodents.

Elevated head holder

The elevated head holder is recommended primarily for VR applications such as jetballs and treadmills. The height of the stand is adjustable, and similarly to the flexible head holder, the plate can be moved in three directions and also along the bridge.

Stabilized head holder

Stabilized head holder is attached to the rodent’s head at two sides. It is ideal for craniotomy or other surgery where the head of the animal model has to be fixed. It can be coupled to the Gramophone.


Femtonics Technology