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SfN 2023

Thank you for engaging us with your presence at the Society for Neuroscience 2023 in Washington D.C.
It was an honour to have you with us, see you next year in Chicago!


Every year, we aim to develop and manufacture two-photon laser scanning microscopes that meet the most current needs of the scientific community. In 2023 you can find tree of our products at booth #2635.


The FEMTO3D ATLAS and ATLAS P&P microscope combine high-tech science, engineering, refinement in 3D measurements and technology into an all-in-one solution. The unique properties of Atlas enable researchers to image neuronal, dendritic, and other neuropil activities.


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We are happy to introduce you to our new product, the SMARTX. Visit us at booth #2635 and be among the first to see it in person! 


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MOCULUS – Available in scientific cooperation

BrainVisionCenter researchers have developed the most modern equipment to facilitate its pursuit, the Mouse Virtual Reality System. With its aid, natural and innate responses can be observed in any setting your research requires.  


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  • Every little movement matters: in vivo 3D real-time motion correction 
    Dénes Pálfi PhD – November 13, 10:30 AM
  • SmartX: The new wave of compact and modular two-photon microscopy
    Gergely Katona PhD – November 13, 11:00 AM
  • Keeping up with action potentials: Voltage imaging in 2024
    Richard Kozma – November 14, 11:00 AM



  • dr. Linda Sulcz-Judák – Sharp-wave ripple doublets induce complex dendritic spikes in parvalbumin interneurons in vivo  
    Session Date and Time: 11/11/2023 1 PM – 11/11/2023 5 PM
  • dr. Zoltán Szadai – Cortex-wide mechanism of reinforcement signaling via a cholinergic pathway 
    Session Date and Time: 11/13/2023 1 PM – 11/13/2023 5 PM
  • dr. Dénes Pálfi – Acousto voltage imaging in awake mouse with JEDI-2P
    Session Date and Time: 11/15/2023 1 PM – 11/15/2023 5 PM


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