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The Innovation Award winner FEMTO3D Atlas offers an All-in-One two-photon system for research scientists working in neuroscience and many other life science fields: it incorporates traditional galvo and resonant scanner-based microscope imaging techniques and combines them with a 3D imaging feature thanks to the unique acousto-optic scanner. The FEMTO3D ATLAS PLUG & PLAY microscope is a turnkey multiphoton solution: following a smooth delivery to the laboratory, it is ready to operate within an hour. The system can be easily moved within and between laboratories, adapting to your ever-changing needs.

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The FEMTOSmart series, the next step in Femtonics product evolution, is comprised of fully customizable two-photon microscopes, which are primarily used in in vivo studies in neuroscience and many other fields. Their special feature is the elevated body which can move in X, Y, and Z directions, providing ample room under the objective for the optimal positioning of your sample. This feature makes them suitable for any in vivo study, in model organisms ranging from zebrafish larvae through mice navigating in virtual reality to non-human primates.

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Every year, we aim to develop and manufacture two-photon laser scanning microscopes that meet the most current needs of the scientific community. Progress never stops at Femtonics: learn more about our breakthrough developments in ultra-fast 3D two-photon acousto-optical imaging. Stay ahead of the curve and delve into topics such as 3D acousto-optical voltage imaging, truly 3D real-time motion correction, our Plug and Play multiphoton solution, and more!

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“I am deeply impressed with your system (the FEMTO3D Atlas). I have found every component remarkable, from the design of the optical path to its control and analysis software - even its placing on the optical table! The training you have provided was very effective as well, the microscope is working and stable, even without having you around. I am indeed very happy that we decided to go for your system! “

Prof. Dr. Jochen Herms

DZNE - German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases, Münich, Germany

“We acquired our Femtonics 2P system six years ago which enables us to combine imaging, uncaging and optogenetics. I have always been impressed how Femtonics strived to think together with us as users and aimed for the best possible solutions to customise the system to our needs. Their technical support has always been rapid and professional. The Femtonics set-up allows us to perform essential in vitro experiments and without reservations would strongly recommend them.”

Prof. Maarten Kole

Cell Biology, Faculty of Science, University of Utrecht,The Netherlands

“For a long time, we used to build our own two-photon rigs for studying retinal circuits. When we started to look at cortical circuits we realized that we need a much more polished system. We tried an established provider but quickly faced the constraint that the rigidity of their platform did not allow us to perform large-scale recordings efficiently. Femtonics was very open to help us in order to reach our experimental aims and remained extremely supportive ever since. In the last eight years we used their system every day and could acquire data from almost a thousand mice. I cannot recall any major holdup despite such a heavy-duty usage. In comparison, our laser still needs servicing every year.”

Daniel Hillier, PhD

Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research, FMI, Switzerland

“The Femtonics team have provided us with an excellent service. Their extremely helpful ‘can do’ attitude has made for a first-class scientific relationship. The team have always provided an extremely prompt service, even outside standard working hours they have been ready and willing to assist. This level of service, combined with a very high level of technical knowledge has given us the confidence and security that a scientific research such as ours requires when servicing scientific research goals with high demands. All in all, I am very happy with the fast G/R line scans, the online software analyses and the competent service.”

Prof. Stefan Hallermann

Carl-Ludwig-Institute of Physiology, University Leipzig, Germany

"The ability of the scope [FEMTO3D Atlas] to rapidly move the laser beam and record activity from several cells quasi simultaneously is a real advantage.”

Dr. Prof. Attila Losonczy

Mortimer B. Zuckerman Mind Brain Behavior Institute Columbia University, New York, NY, United States

"We have found a massively great partner in Femtonics and acquiring the groundbreaking 3P (three-photon) FEMTO SMART system ensures never-seen experimental results in deep imaging. We are impressed how fast they are reacting at our requests and able to think together with us on scientific solutions. Their technical level and support are professional, and it is always good to have a trustful partner in daily scientific life."

Dr. Severin Filser

DZNE - German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases, Germany