• Epifluorescent unit

    for multicolor full-field illumination

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Technology Overview

Wavelength-specific full-field excitation is performed by powerful LED light sources built in a rotating unit above the objective. Fluorescent imaging can be achieved with a wide variety of scientific cameras.


  • LEDs for customizable wavelengths (430, 450, 480, 530, 590 nm, others on special request)

  • wavelength-specific filters for excitation of narrow ranges

  • additional emission filters for blocking the reflected light and filtering the emission spectra

  • up to 5 sets of exchangeable filter cubes

  • 100 µm penetration depth

  • detection by CMOS camera

  • software controlled operation

  • installed into the light path above the objective

  • PMT protection during the stimulation by built-in gating system


  • homogenous excitation of the entire FOV in 100 µm depth

  • excitation specified for GFP, YFP, RFP, mCherry, etc.

  • cleared emission for bright signals

Optional modules

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