• Piezo objective positioner kit

    for fast Z-stack and 3D imaging

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Technology Overview

A Piezo objective positioner kit enables the microscope to change the focal point by mechanically moving the objective. With this module the microscope is able to collect signals from different depths with up to 200 Hz, resolving activity in 3D samples.


  • positions objectives in the Z direction with nm resolution

  • travelling range +/-50 or +/-200 µm (depends of the piezo’s type)

  • up to 200 Hz frequency in resonant mode

  • millisecond step-and-settle

  • any types of objectives can be attached

  • no influence on the optical path

  • Femtonics microscopes containing galvo scanner equipped with piezo objective positioner and RollerCoaster software module support 3D trajectory scanning

  • Femtonics microscopes containing resonant or galvo scanners are able to image a 3D volume scanning


  • 3D trajectory scanning allows collecting signals from dendrites arbored in the 3D tissue and to resolve biological activity thanks to the high scanning speed

  • 3D volume scanning enables you to reveal activity of the neural network or other cell groups

  • fine positioning along the tilted axis when using tilting objective module

Optional modules

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